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Heavy Duty Glass Cleaner

A very strong glass cleaner for lodged dirt, grime and other deposits that cannot be cleaned with regular cleaners

Why is it that some glasses will just not clean? No matter how much you scrub?

Our unique formula for heavy duty glass cleaning that can release some of the really deeply lodged deposits that have accumulated over time.

Some glasses that have severe surface deterioration and corrosion can sometimes be restored using this very strong glass cleaner that will release and clean lodged dirt, grime and other deposits that cannot be cleaned with regular cleaners.

The BalcoNano® heavy duty cleaner is only the first step in restoring the glass. Once the glass surface is clean from the imbedded contaminants, the BalcoNano® coating must be applied to protect the surface from future contamination.

The BalcoNano® heavy duty glass cleaner can also be used to remove the coating when needed so is not intended for use after coating the glasses.

Safety data sheet BalcoNano Heavy Duty Cleaner

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Self cleaning glass DIY sachets
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BalcoNano Sachet set (pack of 5)

It really does work!

The sachets are very easy to use and take only a few minutes to apply. My five Velux windows stay much cleaner for longer now as any dirt, bird-droppings, etc, washes off instantly in the rain to leave the glass clear. You can see the water droplets runn

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