Transform the Ordinary into Self-Cleaning Glass

How the BalcoNano® coating works

The BalcoNano® reacts instantaneously when it comes in contact with glass or other silica based material.

Immediately building a complex Nano-scale molecular coating on the surface of the glass. The coating creates a molecular bond with the silicon dioxide (silica) in the materials surface; this forms a hard transparent shield that covers any part of the surface that it comes in contact with.

It is important to make sure to cover every part of the surface you wish to coat and let the material have contact with all the surface.

The thickness of the coating is predetermined in the chemistry of the material and as long as a minimum amount of the BalcoNano® coating comes in contact with the surface it will build this shield onto the surface.

If you apply more material than is required you will not be increasing the thickness, this is why we have made the unique sachet solution so you use just the right amount of material and not waste too much which will not enhance the result in any case.

One sachet will have enough material to coat a square meter of surface, or eleven square feet.

It is very important to have a clean surface before coating, free from oils, grime, dust, water and other materials. When these are present they will inhibit the ability of the coating to bond to the surface in the place where they are present. The cleaner the surface you wish to coat, the netter the coating will be. Once the BalcoNano® coating shield has formed it will have created a permanent bond with the surface.

The surface is very durable to abrasion and scratching and can be renewed in the future by cleaning the glass and reapplying.

The coating is clear and will not chip, haze or decolour.

The coating is sensitive to high PH materials (alkaline/bases) and the use of these can damage or even remove the coating. In any case use of chemical cleaners is not required or recommended after the coating has been applied.



Self cleaning glass DIY sachets
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BalcoNano Sachet set (pack of 5)

It really does work!

The sachets are very easy to use and take only a few minutes to apply. My five Velux windows stay much cleaner for longer now as any dirt, bird-droppings, etc, washes off instantly in the rain to leave the glass clear. You can see the water droplets runn

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