Transform the Ordinary into Self-Cleaning Glass

Self-Cleaning coating for Ceramics

Apply BalcoNano® to your ceramic tiles and have them stay clean for longer

Bathroom tiles will not accumulate mould and stay cleaner, kitchen tiles will not have the grease cling to them and be much easier to clean. Any ceramic surface can benefit from the coating and stay cleaner for longer.

BalcoNano® will coat any silica based product and as such is 100% suitable for ceramics.

BalcoNano® keeps your ceramics clean and free from the lodging of bacteria, dirt and other unwanted particles.

Application is exactly the same as onto glass. BalcoNano® will save you needing harsh chemical cleaners on your tiles, helping the environment and your pocket.

BalcoNano® is 100% safe for use on kitchen tops, once applied it is inert and clean from any chemicals or residues and is safe to place foods or other consumables onto without problems of any kind.


Self cleaning glass DIY sachets
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BalcoNano Sachet set (pack of 5)

It really does work!

The sachets are very easy to use and take only a few minutes to apply. My five Velux windows stay much cleaner for longer now as any dirt, bird-droppings, etc, washes off instantly in the rain to leave the glass clear. You can see the water droplets runn

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