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How long will the BalcoNano® coating last?

An important question to ask is how long will the BalcoNano® coating last once applied?

The answer will depend on several elements such as the location, use and exposure to abrasion and weather. To give a simple answer we can say the coating is good in static external conditions for a period of 3 to 10 years. For a more detailed and technical answer keep reading.

Let us start with how we measure the coating and coating performance; the coating forms a water repellent surface on the glass, this exhibits itself by making water droplets “curl” when in contact with the surface and the more they curl the better the surface coating is. This is referred to as “contact angle”. As the coating is subjected to the elements and to abrasion from sand, salt, manual cleaning with abrasives, windshield wipers etc. it will slowly diminish the coating and reduce the water repellency of the surface.

The surface coating creates a clear permanent bond and only wearing will impact it, the coating does not chip, haze or discolour. The greater the abrasion on the surface the shorter period it will last. For instance on windshield wipers if used daily the coating may only last a few months, but in static conditions like windows, showers and balcony glasses the coating will last for as much as 10 years.

The surface is very durable to abrasion and scratching and can be renewed whenever you need by cleaning the glass and reapplying.

It is very important to have a clean surface before coating, free from oils, grime, dust, water and other materials. When these are present they will inhibit the ability of the coating to bond to the surface in the place where they are present. The cleaner the surface you wish to coat, the netter the coating will be. Once the BalcoNano® coating shield has formed it will have created a permanent bond with the surface.

The coating is sensitive to high PH materials (bases) and these will remove the coating. In any case use of chemical cleaners is not required or recommended after the coating has been applied.

If you have cleaned the coating with a high PH material then it is likely you have removed the coating and it should be reapplied.


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