Transform the Ordinary into Self-Cleaning Glass

Self cleaning glass brings the beauty back

If your glass balcony has lost its sparkle, then Sue O’Sullivan’s uplifting story should inspire you to try BalcoNano® self cleaning glass coating that converts ordinary glass into self-cleaning glass.

A single application of Balconano® has transformed the glass balcony on an extension to her holiday home in Downderry, Cornwall by preventing build-up of salt deposits and keeping the balustrade much clearer and cleaner.

Effective glass protection

Sue explained: “Having ‘normal’ glass in a coastal location was not a good idea as the balustrade was completely opaque with sea salt within a week of being installed. The BalcoNano® product was applied in November 2011 and it hasn't required cleaning in more than two years!

“Admittedly, it does need cleaning now, but still looks amazing considering that,” she added. “It’s had a tremendous effect and looks so much better. The property is right next to the sea; it can’t be any closer, which only goes to show how effective the product is!”

Smooth and water-repellent

The house with the galss balconyIntroduced by Balcony Systems in response to customer demand, BalcoNano® is a hard, durable protective coating that covers the pitted surface of glass and other ceramic or silica based surfaces, making it smooth and water-repellent.

Dirt and other deposits cannot cling to the glass surface. They either wash away easily or are simply cleaned with water and a cloth, without the need to use harsh chemical cleaners.

The BalcoNano® product can be specified when ordering new balustrading or is available in an easy-to-apply ‘wet wipe’ sachet packaging for easy storage and use.

In addition to external balconies and Juliet balconies, the coating can be applied to kitchen tops, sinks, shower enclosures, ceramic tiles and many other areas. BalcoNano® is to glass like Teflon® is to your frying pan.


Self cleaning glass DIY sachets
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BalcoNano Sachet set (pack of 5)

It really does work!

The sachets are very easy to use and take only a few minutes to apply. My five Velux windows stay much cleaner for longer now as any dirt, bird-droppings, etc, washes off instantly in the rain to leave the glass clear. You can see the water droplets runn

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